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an actual Peggy Carter starter pack (x)

im getting that

That’s all very nice, but frankly, I find it annoying as fuck that Marvel is launching a Peggy Carter series, which will feature a woman in the mid-20th Century taking charge of an international intelligence agency in its formative stages and personally participating in highly dangerous missions — and wildly succeeding, thus becoming an unsung hero of the Marvel Universe — and here we are, obsessing about her make-up.

Get back to me when we start gushing over her preferred firearms or which martial art move she uses to break a man’s arm in a fist fight.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that these things are more important than her many accomplishments or how she fights. It’s just a good cosplay reference.

And also something that I, a 21st century woman, can actually use on a regular basis. I can’t carry a pistol around in my purse, but if I’m wearing Peggy’s lipstick, I feel a lot more badass.

Makeup is just as much of a weapon as a fire arm is.  It’s your war paint, part of the ritual that builds your strength up and makes you mentally ready to take on the world.  Makeup can help distract, let those marks of Peggy’s focus on her lips rather than on her hands so they don’t see her moving until it’s too late.  A touch of perfume behind the ears provides the marks an alluring scent so they don’t notice the knock out gas she’s about to spray in their faces.

Maybe for Peggy painting her nails on a slow night reminds her of her femininity, that no matter how much of a man’s world she’s living in she is certainly and undoubtedly a woman.  That it’s going to be a long, hard slog to get them to respect her, but damned if she’s not going to put on her armor and look as perfect as she’d like to in the process.

Weapons of choice do not have to solely consist of martial arts moves or firepower.  They can be a little more subtle, and a shade of lipstick worn by a badass heroine can be exactly that for us too.

Again we are equating masculinity with strength. Part of what makes peggy likeable is she takes out guards and then checks her lipstick. 

I put on red lipstick and I feel strong, other women cut their hair short and wear lipstick, other women cut their hair short and don’t. 

Betty and Jane wear minimal make up, does that make them better women, no. 

Darcy has a degree which is useless to science - is she useless, hell no, shes loyal and funny and without her jane would be lost

Natasha wears minimal and ensures her hair is straightened before taking out helicarriers. 

Taking what ever effort you want in your appearance doesn’t lesson you. 

I wish I’d known this when I was 13 and didnt want to be like other girls

It makes no difference as long as it empowering. 

We need to stop the toxic feminism that says that typically femme things are weak. 

Peggy kicks ass, but she also raises a family. The one act doesn’t diminish the other, 

Just because you like lipsticks doesn’t mean you’re less of a bad ass, yo.

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